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Strengthening of military actions in the
Near East,
And increase of terrorist danger
We suggest:

On August, 28th, 2006 at 6pm local time
Together with close friends and dear people
Lightning on candles
In all countries
Worldwide following the sun…

In memory of those who are lost
With hope that it would not repeat
With confidence that Love and Good Will of people

Will stop terrorism

Man is a peculiar creature. Sometimes it seems he is made of contradictions, hesitations and hopes.

We always hope for the better and when our hopes do not come true, it brings us great deal of disappointment. Therefore some of us try to look into our future to gain confidence in future happiness or scatter our hopeless dreams.

For some, astrology is a funny game; for others, it is a earnest tool to make future plans. I belong to the latter.

I am convicted, after studying astrology and teaching in esoteric school for more than ten years, seeing how Universe is being manifested in our lives, that any event that takes place here is being created above and only then manifests itself on Earth.

Any event can be described as a multidimensional matrix, just like honeycomb. Space bodies are filling the “honeycomb” with their energies, while men, with their different thoughts, emotions and actions, are distributing these energies withing the structure.

If we are unaware of this, distribution happens spontaneously, sometimes in an uncontrolled way and may lead to violence, disaster or catastrophe.

Making a forecast of possible outbreaks and terrorist attacks is not very difficult. Specifying an exact place is a more complicated issue. For example, an astrologist can predict whether it will be most dangerous to be on land, on the water or in the air, but specifying a bus station or an exact address is almost impossible.

Combinations of stars sometimes push societies into turmoil of war and terror. They have always being predicted by astrologers. Unfortunately, history knows examples of misuse of knowledge of planetary situations that was used to unleash wars and terror.

Today, when secret knowledge does not only belong to secret societies and schools but is open to all of us, we have a chance to deliberately participate in distribution of energies of space bodies in our lives.

Knowing principles of distribution, we can perform different actions that can prevent local and global conflicts. Result is stronger when more people participate.

For example, to take the power away from terrorists and use it in a different way, a carnival or similar event can be organized. What a carnival has to do with preventing terrorist attacks? People, acting on a certain “wave”, affect flows of energy and are able to redirect it in huge amounts. This can make unexpected difficulties for terrorists, like accidents, machinery failure etc. In other words, the energy would take an opposite direction – against terrorists.

I elaborated a method of astrological compensation and have been using it successfully for several years.

Today we can see that combination of stars in August-September 2006 is alarming. Patterns display extreme weather conditions, violence against children, technological dangers.

To disperse tension, engagement of many people is required. We invite you to join our act of good will, worldwide.

Agenda is developed according to astrological conditions of end of August/beginning of September and all proposed actions bear multidimensional significance.

Description of astrological conditions, August-September 2006.

Saturn in Leo represents crisis of management,
Neptune in Aquarius is a symbol of ideology based on non-existing values,
Jupiter in Scorpio provokes big financial frauds and also increases effects caused by Saturn and Neptune.

This complicated “program” will be active during August-September 2006 and will be temporarily strengthened by transits of Moon and the Sun (August 15, 22 and September 5, 11).

Pluto in Sagittarius provokes reforms that are of nature being far from peaceful.

On June 22, when North Karma Node entered sign of Pieces, a new 18-year long cycle started. Presence of Karma Node in Pieces stimulates religious and ideological controversies, increases illusions, activates Karma structures of breaking laws of morality.

Ties of Pluto with Karma Node will be preserved until the end of November, creating hard-to-control events. Transits of Mars and Lilith (August 25, September 5) will strengthen this configuration.

Action starts on August 28 at 18:00, local time. It will be started by people living in Japan and Russian Far East. Moving westwards across time zones, following the Sun in it's celestial movement, it will reach you on Monday evening – spend it with your family or close relatives. Enjoy a festive dinner with dishes on toasting forks or skewers. Serve your dinner table according to etiquette.

At 18:00, light the candles. Use water candles along with ordinary ones, use as much candles as you want. Let them burn until 20:00. This will have a calming effect on energies that can cause uncontrolled fires. Have your dinner in relaxed, festive atmosphere. Talk about pleasant, funny moments in your lives, your ancestors and their habits.

Do not talk about problems, someone's blemishes and shame. Do not speak ill of anybody, have a talk like there are no claims, no doubts, no mutual griefs. Mention warm feelings towards each other, say a word how you respect and appreciate each other, in any way – jocularly, sincerely, emotionally.

Spoofing, good irony and laughing of thousands of people, as odd as it may sound, can scatter misbeliefs of those who became victims of bad will, no matter where they are. Important is that people who participate in this simple and pleasant ritual realize that they dedicate their will to a common goal against violence and terrorism and that

we light the candles in all countries, following the Sun,

remembering perished, in hope this will not happen again, in assurance that good will can stop violence.

Olga Potjomkina, www.reiki.ee